Our ASL Programme

Are you looking for a promotion to a Senior Leadership post within the next 2-3 years? If so then this professional development programme is for you! This programme is open to all colleagues working in Secondary schools with some level of responsibility already – i.e. a Head of Department/Year, Subject Leader, etc. …. looking to make the next step ….

Session 1 – SEPTEMBER
Introduction to the course – introductions, the role of mentoring, confirmation of all administrative details
Audit of leadership skills – based on some pre-session analysis – what aspects of your leadership might need some development and how might you plan to develop these through participation in this course?
Professional enquiry – an element of the course is for you to engage in a professional enquiry and a representative from Bristol University will be present at this session to outline how you will engage in this

Session 2 – NOVEMBER
Vision and Values – how do/can/will you marry your own personal values with a school’s vision? How would knowing your own sense of values help you decide on the school for you to continue your higher leadership journey?
Leading transformation within schools, managing change – what skills might you need to ensure that any whole school transformational project/idea is effectively implemented?
Governance/Ofsted & the changing educational landscape – how do external factors affect vision?

Session 3 – JANUARY
Strategic Leadership of Teaching, Learning & Assessment – although this session is built around leading this aspect of a school’s provision, the skills developed in this session will be applicable to any area of leadership as whichever aspect of leadership you are involved in, the big step up will be to the strategic level looking at a whole school perspective rather than a departmental or year group one

School Evaluation & Improvement, School Improvement Planning and the use of data for improvement – without
doubt, understanding a school’s data is crucial in school improvement planning. This session will seek to debunk
data myths and in the constantly changing world of school accountability, enable you to understand how a school
should be using its data and give you confidence in understanding and using the new accountability measures

Session 5 – APRIL
Managing people, and handling difficult conversations – as a senior leader, there will be difficult conversations that need to be had with staff and this session will practically develop your skills in handling them!

Session 6 – late MAY
Selection Day for a role on a senior leadership team – the last session of the course will last a whole day and seeks to mirror the experience you might go through should you apply and be invited to interview for a senior leadership post. Activities would include: formal interview, presentation on professional enquiry, and other selection tasks.

To book your place on the course starting September 2017, please email info@ceta.school.