Programmable Buggy Project for KS2

The buggy project is available to hire for a 2 week period and you will be provided with the information to enable your primary school colleagues to deliver the project, this would include half a day’s visit to your school by a qualified member of staff from Marling School. Or you may choose to hire the kit alone without support from us.

National Curriculum 2014
The buggy project meets the following aspects of the national curriculum guidelines:

‘Technical Knowledge—pupils should understand and use electrical systems in their products [for example, series circuits incorporating switches, bulbs, buzzers and motors]

  • apply their understanding of computing to program, monitor and control their products.

Program, monitor and control – pupils should have opportunities to use a computer to operate electrical products they design and make, for example creating a sequence to make an illuminated sign flash on and off in a repeating pattern. As they progress through KS2 they should also use switches or sensors to monitor products, for example a delayed reaction burglar alarm they have created and programmed.’

From Design and Technology Programmes of study, Key Stages 1 to 3: National curriculum in England.

The project is designed for students to work in pairs or small groups to meet the following objectives:

  1. Learning Objectives

    Understanding electronic circuits.

    Using programmable components.

    Understanding new technologies, such as 3D printing and CAD CAM

    Collaborating with others

  2. Learning Outcomes

    Be able to recognise and name electronic components.

    Be able to program a buggy to make it change direction and change the colour of the LED using easily accessible software.

    Be able to work effectively with others, including communication skills and problem solving skills.

    Understand the possibilities of new technologies such as 3D printing.

Your students will require access to laptops for the project and the software needed is available to download for free. Unfortunately the software is not compatible with iPads.

To enquire about hiring the buggy kit and for further information, please contact us on

Download Project Leaflet 

“It was an excellent way of completing the programming element of the curriculum without having to learn the programme inside out. Our students learnt a lot from it and enjoyed the challenge. We would definitely recommend hiring the project as it ticks off a difficult part of the curriculum that schools are finding hard to do well.” Heather Francis – Deputy Head, Uplands Primary School